Investment Promotion

Provide information and advice support to the investors for setting up business ventures

Value Chain Intervention

Implement innovative, integrated market based approach to achieve the sustainable economic growth

Workforce Development

Improve the efficiency and
the caliber of the workforce to
advance the state of
practices in M/SMEs

about us

The North East Economic Development (NEED) Centre is a not-for-profit organization that was formed in Sri Lanka under the theme of "Vision 2040" to function as a platform to facilitate meaningful trade, investment connections and knowledge sharing to become a thriving resource hub for business community members to help the people in the North and East to rebuild their economy to become financially independent. NEED center will focus on economic empowerment of people of the regions and assist the entrepreneurs for start-ups, develop new ideas, expand existing businesses, and monetize scientific and technological discoveries.

The NEED Centre will also coordinate the efforts of benefactors in abroad on fostering the regional economy development related activities. The dedicated staff, directors and advisers of NEED Centre are working on identifying the projects that will utilize local resources to value added products and services and creating employment to the youths who are in need which build wealth and enable the people in the regions to become economically independent.


We provide the following services to
contribute the growth of the region.

Information service on investment opportunities

Connecting entrepreneurs with investors

Provide technical support for development needs

Implementation support for good practices

Capacity building for individuals and community

Provide rural economic stability enhancement services

Brick Making

This is a small scale venture which support to the cost effective infrastructure development of the region.

Banana Cultivation

This venture provides the matured fruits for human consumption as well as the stem for the banana fibre products.



Coconut Processing

Deep Sea Fishing

Grapes Cultivation

Cattle Rearing


Business Modeling and Planning
The way of getting market information and strategical innovative thinking are the key for business modeling. Regular update of market information and with relevant capacity development keeps a brand in the frontline on the market.

Rural Economic Strengthening
Identifying and documenting the interventions which can sustainably increase the household income/assets and how they improve the lives of youths. Action leaning programs faster the adoption and scaling up the rural productivity.

Strategies for Practical Innovation
Evidence based leanings to strengthen the economic capacities of vulnerable individuals (Ex:Disables and widows etc)

Road to Economic Resilience
Achieve the assets and income growth of the regions against the improvement of consumption